The testing of the GPS Watch has started
Tuesday, January 24 2012 13:44

The testing of the UniAlarm GPS Watch has been started in a pilot environment in several member states of the European Union. The product is a GPS positioning device built into a watch and a 4-frequency GSM module, which helps locate and trace the position of the wearer with great accuracy. The UniAlarm GPS Watch offers even more than that: in case of emergency the wearer can ask for immediate help by activating the SOS button, which signals the operator in charge at the UniAlarm Dispatcher center, who can provide further assistance.

The idea of the UniAlarm GPS Watch is based on the simple principle that: when carrying out several tasks or jobs, it is important for any given worker to be traceable for safety reasons, but in cases of distress, the watch could send an instant signal to the crew at the monitoring center. The watch can be a great timesaver, while it is nearly invisible to wear and it does not restrain the mobility of the monitored person.

The GPS information is transmitted in the packet GSM network securely via an IP layer, but in case of network outage the device switches over to SMS mode and attempts to transmit the position data or emergency message. A very important feature is that the on-call operator can establish a one- or two-way voice connection with the device, so he or she might as well communicate with the wearer with proper wireless service from a GSM network).

The device and the services it may provide can be revolutionary in the field of monitoring people. Initially in personal protection, but also in medical and social monitoring systems, special or dangerous assignments (back-country tasks performed in open areas such as woodsmen, hunters and construction jobs). As for a real world example: a German law states that employees who do dangerous jobs must fulfill one of two criteria: either they work in teams, or the person working alone must wear a monitoring device with the same functions as the UniAlarm GPS Watch.

As soon as the current tests and fine-tunings are completed, our plans are to make the UniAlarm GPS Watch available also at retail stores in certain regions of the EEMEA (European Union, Africa, Middle East) starting in September 2012. In addition, we are reaching out to our service partners, with whom we can establish the services of personal protection in the available regions.