The renewed and multilingual UniAlarm website has just launched
Monday, March 12 2012 09:11

The renewed website of the UniAlarm Network has been launched today. It is available in several languages and in more geographic regions simultaneously. As development progresses, the areas of the online subscriptions of UniAlarm.NET and other additional system applications are getting continuously renewed as well.

United Technology Alliance management’s next main objective is expanding market regions, while keeping technical developments at full speed. In keeping step with the development, all user interfaces and technical product documentations as well as other public documents will be available in several languages. First in English, German, French, Spanish and Hungarian.

In the coming years we plan to further integrate our already automated partner operations (eg. license issuance, renewal, ticketing) into a more uniform and transparent platform. We will also make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to share a common support knowledge-base or to obtain know-hows.