UniAlarm Dispatcher A-Z

The UniAlarm Dispatcher allows of a full-scale, manufacturer-independent signal-distribution.

Remote monitoring service providers, authorities, fire departments and building managers can equally use it. With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher, a highly available signal-distribution network can be established from independent systems or networks. The system is independent from the individual remote signaling devices and supports almost all internationally used protocols.
Remote control companies Authorities Property management
Software bundles
UniAlarm Dispatcher Standalone

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Standalone is a complete solution exclusively for Windows operating systems, in which the execution of the UniAlarm server is carried out on a VMware virtual server, so each component of the UniAlarm Dispatcher system (Server, Communicator, Monitor) is running on a single computer.

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Standalone can accept connection from both a single remote signaling device and a single surveillance client. Its services correspond to the full network design in every aspect.

UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform+

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform+ is the extended version of the standard Platform system. This is a complete solution which contains redundant surveillance hardware, pre-installed and fine-tuned operational system, a properly prepared and installed UniAlarm Dispatcher Server and Communicator, and other small business functions, with which the system supports the remote access, collaboration, or even a WiFi connection.

UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform is a complete solution, which includes redundant surveillance hardware, a pre-installed and fine-tuned operational system, and a properly prepared and installed UniAlarm Dispatcher Server and Communicator.

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform is ideal for places where the surveillance contains particularly important data and a server containing professionally tuned hardware and software elements are necessary.